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StatusSensor NameDescriptionCurrent ValueUnitAlarm
AWN Surge Tank pHAcid Waste Neutralizer Surge Tank pH.1.1pHAWN Surge Tank pH Low (<1.0)
LN 1 LevelLiquid nitrogen level in vessel 1 - Delivery contact: 800-323-1970 acct 4021267 - Emergency contact: David Castro 510-691-9515138.6inches of w.c.
LN 2 LevelLiquid nitrogen level in vessel 1 - Delivery contact: 800-323-1970 acct 4021266 - Emergency contact: David Castro 510-691-951586.1inches of w.c.
EF12Lab exhaust alarm (zero indicates no alarm, i.e. exhaust is on).0on/off
EF34Silane exhaust alarm (zero indicates no alarm, i.e. exhaust is on).0on/off
Low Level Gas WarnTGM Low Level Gas Warn.0on/off
AWN Chemical Low AlarmAcid Waste Neutralizer NaOH and H2SO4 levels.0on/off
AWN General AlarmAcid Waste Neutralizer general alarm.0on/off
AWN Surge Tank LevelAcid Waste Neutralizer Surge Tank level.340.1gal
Compressed Air Dew PointCompressed Dry Air dew point after dryer in 280.-76.3F
Compressed Air FlowCompressed Dry Air Flow after dryer in 280.65.9scfm
Compressed Air General AlarmCompressed Dry Air General Alarm in 280.0on/off
Compressed Air N2 BackupCompressed Dry Air N2 backup valve.0on/off
Compressed Air PressureCompressed Dry Air Pressure in 280.110.1psi
DI Makeup FlowFlow rate from the RO system to the DI system.-25gpm
DI ResistivityDeionized Water final resisitivity in 280.18.1MOhm-cm
DI Tank LevelDeionized Water level (both tanks).2185.1gal
PCW FlowProcess Cooling Water supply flow rate in 280.409.3gpm
PCW General AlarmProcess Cooling Water general alarm in 280.0on/off
PCW ICW CrossoverProcess Cooling Water FCV in 280.0on/off
PCW PressureProcess Cooling Water supply pressure in 280.96.6psi
PCW ResistivityProcess Cooling Water resistivity in 280.262.7kOhm-cm
PCW TemperatureProcess Cooling Water temperature in 280.61.3F
Process VacuumProcess Vacuum pressure.27.1inHg
N2 Flow RateNitrogen flow rate at S&R cage.1382.3slpm
N2 PressureNitrogen pressure at S&R cage.100.5psi
Argon PressureArgon pressure in 395 (in alarm means lag-bottle is sourcing).51.6psi
N2 Oxygen ConcentrationOxygen concentration of the process nitrogen.0.3ppm
O2 Flow RateO2 Flow Rate at S&R cage.2.8slpm
O2 PressureO2 Pressure at S&R cage.42.1psi
Cory Hall N2 Flow RateCory Hall N2 flow rate.315.1lpm
HMMB N2 Flow RateN2 flow rate to Hearst Memorial Mining Building.18.6lpm
H2 PressurePressure of lab hydrogen system.199.3psi
391-R1 TemperatureTemperature of the refrigerator 391-R130.3F
391-R2 TemperatureTemperature of the refrigerator 391-R227.5F
583 Argon Purifier AlarmAlarm status of argon purifier serving MRCs0on/off
AWN Effluent FlowEffluent flow rate for AWN0.6gpm
AZ P4620 Usage (picotrack)PicoTrack line 1 use - AZ P462054.6mL
Flood Sensor 168Plumbing room flood sensor in 168.0on/off
Flood Sensor RODIWater sensor by RODI pumps0on/off
Gas Cabinet Alarm L3State of gas cabinets in the L3 gas vault.0on/off
Gas Cabinet Alarm L5State of gas cabinets in the L5 gas vault.0on/off
Lab 3 Relative HumidityRelative humidity, third floor.56.9percent
Lab 3 TemperatureTemperature, third floor.66.9F
Lab 5 Relative HumidityRelative humidity, fifth floor.60.1percent
Lab 5 TemperatureTemperature, fifth floor.66.5F
NH3 599 Weight lbsWeight of NH3 Cylinder in 599.172.6lbs
OiR906-12 Usage (picotrack)PicoTrack line 4 use - OiR906-12 854.1mL
UV210-0.3 Usage (picotrack)PicoTrack line 2 use - UV210-0.31120.4mL
UV210-0.6 Usage (picotrack)PicoTrack line 5 use - UV210-0.6-0.1mL
UV210-0.6 Usage (svgcoat6)UV210-0.6 usage on svgcoat60.3mL
UV26 UsageUV26 Usage.0.1mL
UV26-3.0 Usage (picotrack)PicoTrack line 3 use - UV260.3mL
TestRUMS test channel (for internal use only).0on/off