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StatusSensor NameDescriptionCurrent ValueUnitAlarm
LN 1 LevelLiquid nitrogen level in vessel 1 - Delivery contact: 800-323-1970 acct 4021267 - Emergency contact: David Castro 510-691-951563.4inches of w.c.LN 1 Level Low (<75.0)
UV26-3.0 Usage (picotrack)PicoTrack line 3 use - UV263841.9mLUV26-3.0 High Alarm (>3300.0)
MiR 701 Usage (picotrack)PicoTrack line 4 use - MiR 7014069.7mLMiR 701 Bottle Low (>3200.0)
LN 2 LevelLiquid nitrogen level in vessel 2 - Delivery contact: 800-323-1970 acct 4021266 - Emergency contact: David Castro 510-691-951557.8inches of w.c.
EF12Lab exhaust alarm (zero indicates no alarm, i.e. exhaust is on).0on/off
EF34Silane exhaust alarm (zero indicates no alarm, i.e. exhaust is on).0on/off
Low Level Gas WarnTGM Low Level Gas Warn.0on/off
AWN Chemical Low AlarmAcid Waste Neutralizer NaOH and H2SO4 levels.0on/off
AWN General AlarmAcid Waste Neutralizer general alarm.0on/off
AWN Surge Tank LevelAcid Waste Neutralizer Surge Tank level.324.3gal
AWN Surge Tank pHAcid Waste Neutralizer Surge Tank pH.8.4pH
Compressed Air Dew PointCompressed Dry Air dew point after dryer in 280.-73.9F
Compressed Air FlowCompressed Dry Air Flow after dryer in 280.84.6scfm
Compressed Air General AlarmCompressed Dry Air General Alarm in 280.0on/off
Compressed Air N2 BackupCompressed Dry Air N2 backup valve.0on/off
Compressed Air PressureCompressed Dry Air Pressure in 280.110.8psi
DI Makeup FlowFlow rate from the RO system to the DI system.-25gpm
DI ResistivityDeionized Water final resisitivity in 280.18.1MOhm-cm
DI Tank LevelDeionized Water level (both tanks).1722.4gal
PCW FlowProcess Cooling Water supply flow rate in 280.422gpm
PCW General AlarmProcess Cooling Water general alarm in 280.0on/off
PCW ICW CrossoverProcess Cooling Water FCV in 280.0on/off
PCW PressureProcess Cooling Water supply pressure in 280.94.6psi
PCW ResistivityProcess Cooling Water resistivity in 280.273.9kOhm-cm
PCW TemperatureProcess Cooling Water temperature in 280.61.7F
Process VacuumProcess Vacuum pressure.26.8inHg
N2 Flow RateNitrogen flow rate at S&R cage.1927.1slpm
N2 PressureNitrogen pressure at S&R cage.99psi
Argon PressureArgon pressure in 395 (in alarm means lag-bottle is sourcing).61.7psi
N2 Oxygen ConcentrationOxygen concentration of the process nitrogen.0.1ppm
O2 Flow RateO2 Flow Rate at S&R cage.16slpm
O2 PressureO2 Pressure at S&R cage.39.3psi
Cory Hall N2 Flow RateCory Hall N2 flow rate.519.6lpm
HMMB N2 Flow RateN2 flow rate to Hearst Memorial Mining Building.30.2lpm
AZ P4620 Usage (picotrack)PicoTrack line 1 use - AZ P46201.3mL
UV210-0.3 Usage (picotrack)PicoTrack line 2 use - UV210-0.3267.8mL
UV210-0.6 Usage (picotrack)PicoTrack line 5 use - UV210-0.610.3mL
UV210-0.6 Usage (svgcoat6)UV210-0.6 usage on svgcoat6-1025.3mL
H2 PressurePressure of lab hydrogen system.204.6psi
391-R1 TemperatureTemperature of the refrigerator 391-R131.2F
391-R2 TemperatureTemperature of the refrigerator 391-R224.5F
583 Argon Purifier AlarmAlarm status of argon purifier serving MRCs0on/off
AWN Effluent FlowEffluent flow rate for AWN11.3gpm
Flood Sensor 168Plumbing room flood sensor in 168.0on/off
Flood Sensor RODIWater sensor by RODI pumps0on/off
Gas Cabinet Alarm L3State of gas cabinets in the L3 gas vault.0on/off
Gas Cabinet Alarm L5State of gas cabinets in the L5 gas vault.0on/off
Lab 3 Relative HumidityRelative humidity, third floor.45.5percent
Lab 3 TemperatureTemperature, third floor.66.4F
Lab 5 Relative HumidityRelative humidity, fifth floor.47.9percent
Lab 5 TemperatureTemperature, fifth floor.66F
Platinum use (cambridge)Platimum usage of cambridge1402.5pulse
UV26 UsageUV26 Usage.0.3mL
TestRUMS test channel (for internal use only).0on/off