Academic Membership to the Berkeley NanoLab

Any graduate student, post-doc, visiting scholar, faculty, staff, or LBNL researcher is eligible for Academic membership. If the funding is through a UC source, no additional overhead is charged. If funding is through a non-UC institution, a 9% UC Berkeley AFC (Administrative Full Costing) fee is charged on all external funds. If funding is through an industry source, member is eligible for Affiliate membership. Undergraduates are eligible only under the mentorship of an active member, who must directly supervise and physically accompany the undergraduate while in the lab. Please direct membership eligibility questions to NanoLab Administrative Manager Sharon Norris.

 How to Become an Academic Member


STEP 1:  Attend the Orientation Course

The NanoLab Orientation Course is offered monthly. Register for the course by sending an e-mail to Admin Staff. Include your name, telephone number, the name of your faculty advisor or project supervisor, campus department and academic status. You may also call 510-809-8600 or stop by the NanoLab front office (520 Sutardja Dai Hall) to register.

STEP 2:  New Member Form and Training Compliance

Complete and sign the New Member Form. The form must include the billing information by a campus chartstring (aka: Chart of Account (COA)) for UC Berkeley, an IUT (Intra University Transfer) for LNBL, or a Purchase Order for any learning institution that is not a University of California campus (AKA: non-UC University). The form must be signed by the your research faculty/Principal Investigator’s authorized administrator. NanoLab Financial Analyst Steven Scott is the point of contact for campus chartstring, IUTs and POs.

Complete UC Berkeley’s EH&S 101 Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety and the EH&S 502  Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety mandatory online training through the UC Learning Center. If you have completed these trainings previously, provide copies of completion certificates. 

Once your membership form is completed and signed, forward it along with copies of your training completion certificates to the NanoLab Front Office (520 SDH) or e-mail to Admin Staff.

STEP 3: Take the NanoLab Safety Test

Upon receiving your member form and training certificates, an admin team member will create your account in the NanoLab database. Within 24-hours you will receive an email inviting you to take the NanoLab Safety Test. This test must be taken at the computer stations located in the NanoLab Front Office (520 SDH). Testing is available between 8:00-11:00AM and 1:00-4:00PM, Monday through Friday.


STEP 4:  Begin Your Membership

Your lab membership begins once you pass the NanoLab Safety Test.  You will then be automatically qualified to access the NanoLab.  Your official campus ID (Cal 1 Card) will be set up for card-key access to the Sutardja Dai Hall building and the Nanofabrication Laboratory 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. If you are an external academic member or LBNL employee a separate card-key will be provided.  

STEP 5:  Become Certified on Lab Equipment

You must become qualified on each piece of equipment you use.  Academic and affiliate lab members support each other by providing other lab members with training and testing in their areas of expertise. To become certified on a piece of lab equipment, you must pass any required written test as well as an oral testing conducted by a superuser of that equipment. Manuals and procedures are available online for study.


Academic Lab Recharge Rates

Effective June 25, 2019

Lab Use and Equipment Use Fees

FY 2019/20

Lab Access Fee/Month


General Lab Rate Use/Hour

General Lab Rate Max/Month



Tier 1 Special Equipment Rate Use/Hour

Special Equipment Rate Max/Month



Tier 2 Special Equipment Rate Use/Hour

Special Equipment Rate Max/Month




Rate over Tier 2 cap: $5.70/hour

Tier 3 DUV and E-beam Nanolithography,
High Performance SEM/Hour

DUV and E-beam Nanolithography,
High Performance SEM Rate Max/Month




Rate over Tier 3 cap: $19.00/hour

Staff Services/Hour