All in a morning's work
CITRIS-to-Cory Bridge Installation on Feb. 14, 2009
A pedestrian bridge was set into place between Cory Hall and the new CITRIS building in less than three hours. The bridge will be open in mid-March, from the south-west corner of the third floor of Cory. Below are pictures of the installation process, and you can also watch a video of the bridge being lifted into place (Windows Media). See a different perspective on the installation with pictures by Carlo Sequin .
View from Cory, across to CITRIS

The 10-ton bridge has an earthquake-resistant connection at the Cory end, resting on two beams and secured by cables. One of the cables is hanging on the right.
The CITRIS end is fixed.
Getting Ready

The crane comes in through Hearst Mining Circle

Preparing the crane and the blue ropes that will suspend the bridge. Each rope is rated for 18,000 lbs.

Meanwhile, the bridge is on its way from San Leandro, where it spent the night after traveling from Stockton.   (photographer unidentified)

Temporary anchors are installed to secure safety lines for the crew, because...'s a bit of a drop.

Last-minute machining of one of the cable washers

Adjusting one of the bridge cables
Up and Over Davis Hall

To the ticking of the wench, the bridge rises.

The bridge moves slowly over Davis Hall as crew members keep watch on the roof below.

The bridge begins to rotate into east-west orientation.

Full rotation achieved, the bridge begins its descent.
Down and Gently Into Place

The bridge eases down between Davis and CITRIS halls.

Bolting Down

The Cory end of the bridge rests on beams, secured by cables bolted to the bridge's frame.

The Bridge Is Up

The First Pedestrian crosses the bridge.

Removing the ropes

The ropes waiting to be hoisted off the bridge.
View from Hearst Street

The red crane is visible in the background.

Pictures & video by Susan Calico, Microlab/Marvell Lab